Event 8 - Microfluidics

In this session, we will be talking about how microfluidic devices are made and developed.

Ailsa Golightly

Ailsa Golightly is a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Dr. Colin Campbell (School of Chemistry) and Dr. Adam Stokes (School of Engineering). Ailsa is interested in redox biology and, in particular, developing new approaches to mapping redox-regulated pathways in biological systems. Ailsa develops in-house microfluidic devices for controlling the microenvironment of cells. Ailsa is a graduate from The University of Edinburgh with an M.Sc. in Chemistry in 2018 and spent a 12-month placement at Solid Form Solutions in 2016.

Stephen Mahon

Stephen is an associate researcher in robotics at the University of Edinburgh in the School of Engineering Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems and the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. He holds degrees in physics and chemistry. Before joining the Stokes Research Group, Stephen was at the Laser Spectroscopy Group in University College Cork and studied with the III-V Materials and Devices Group at the Tyndall National Institute, Cork.

Stephen works on using robotics for extreme environments. He is implementing an electronics-free control architecture based on hydraulics and pneumatics adapted from his PhD work on microfluidic logic for robotics and biochemical application.