Event 6 - Yeast, Bacteria and Some Green Organisms

In this session, we will talk about three (one bacterial, yeast and cyanobacteria species) lab workhorse organisms widely used across labs doing synthetic biology. These workhorse organisms are well characterised model systems whose behaviour is very well understood.

We will hear from the speakers from the Rosser Laboratory and the Horsfall Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh about how they use these organisms as part of their research, and talk some more synbio. Get your free tickets here.

Daniel Sachs

Daniel is a PhD student in the Rosser Laboratory whose research focuses on metabolic engineering and Synthetic Biology tool development for small molecule production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Marcus Price

Marcus is a PhD student in the Rosser Laboratory, in conjunction with Ingenza Ltd. Marcus works to develop the tools for CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in several Bacillus sp., with an aim to make strains of industrial significance for large scale enzyme or small molecule production.

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Annegret Honsbein

Annegret has worked with cyanobacteria as model systems for two blue sky projects: biological water desalination and engineering nitrogen fixation into plants to reduce fertilizer use at the University of Edinburgh. Currently, she is part of Dr. Horsfall's collaboration project with Unilever and Ingenza on the improvement of washing powder for cold temperatures.

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