Event 3 - Salon #LetsTalkSynBio

An Evening of Engaging Discussion

By Stephen Mahon - 12th December 2018

This month provided a unique Cafe Synthetique even in the form of a salon. We had open discussion about all things synthetic biology. We spent the prior weeks crowd-sourcing from our community via twitter such as exploring ideas, hopes and concerns for the future of this field.

Discussion revolved around some of the most important questions in synthetic biology; how do we communicate effectively? What does the biologist of the future look like? Do we use open source or proprietary platforms? Are we ethically conscience about what we do? What will be the impact of synbio on other fields?

This event gave the chance for our participants to ask questions that matter in an informal question lead discussion. To aid discussion we used posters, sticky notes, and pizzas. This was the last Cafe Synthetique Edinburgh session for this year and we are very thankful to all who came!

Have a very happy holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!