#9 What does engineering biology mean?

Tuesday 18th June 2019, Sofi's Southside, Edinburgh.

In this session Jane Calvert, Emma Frow and Pablo Schyfter will talk to us about 'The Engineering Life' project, which studies the engineering of biology and the role of social scientists within it. The project aims to investigate the movement of ideas, practices and promises from engineering into the life sciences, while also examining the ways in which social scientists and other groups are being mobilised as part of this endeavour.

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Jane Calvert

Jane Calvert is Principal Investigator of the Engineering Life project. She works in the area of sociology of the life sciences, and her current research focuses on attempts to engineer living things in the emerging field of synthetic biology. She has a long-standing interest in interdisciplinary collaborations, and draws on the sociology and anthropology of science, the philosophy of biology, and science policy in her work.

Emma Frow

Emma Frow is Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, and an Honorary Fellow in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. With an academic background in the natural sciences, her research focuses on contemporary life sciences, with a particular interest in synthetic biology.

Pablo Schyfter

Pablo Schyfter is a Lecturer in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies. His current research engages with contemporary biotechnology, particularly synthetic biology. His work on this topic draws together the philosophies of biology and technology with sociological studies of scientific and technological practice.

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